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The John Hinde Studio was set up in 1956 by its namesake, an ex-Circus owner who was also the great-grandson of the founder of Clarks shoes... but more importantly - a remarkable photographer! He pioneered the use of colour photography during the 1960s and 1970s. Iconic London, rural Ireland and some of Britain’s best-loved seaside holiday destinations, as well as a variety of truly far-flung places, feature in highly-saturated colour photography.


The John Hinde Studio went on to become the world’ s most successful postcard company with annual sales of over 50 million postcards!


Underappreciated perhaps at the time these iconic images have since become respected by many as an art form. This iconic photography has now been gathered together to form the official John Hinde Archive With recent significant media exposure in every form, from the more traditional broadsheets and TV features to the ever-influential social area through blogs and Tweets the John Hinde Archive is becoming ever more popular amongst a growing group of admirers. Add to this, photography exhibitions around the world, books and painstakingly restored prints already in circulation shows that the John Hinde Archive is a valued and sought after brand which can now be introduced to an even wider
audience through licensing.


Perfect for a retro-hungry target market the dazzling blue skies and
vibrantly-coloured landscapes team with blissfully unaware everyday people in starring roles!!


Get in touch to discuss how the John Hinde Archive with it’s gorgeous collection of photographic imagery can enhance your products and make a real difference to your sales.


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